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Massachusetts School District Uses Robot to Meet ADA Obligations Posted on May 22

Recently, The United States Attorney’s Office, Civil Rights Unit (MA) entered into a Voluntary Compliance Agreement with Hudson Public School District (MA) on the topic of “telepresence” through robotic assistive technology. The U.S. Attorney’s Office cites the duty to ensure effective communication for the District’s students under the ADA. Specifically, the Agreement addresses the use of services and auxiliary aids that can assist a student to benefit from school, and allow the District to meet its effective communication obligation.

Requesting Reasonable Accommodations at Work: “Dos & Don’ts” Posted on Jun 29

Requesting Reasonable Accommodations at Work: “Dos & Don’ts”

You may be entitled to reasonable accommodations that will enable you to enjoy equal employment opportunities. In general, a reasonable accommodation is a modification to the way things are typically done or to the physical work environment that would enable a qualified person with a disability to apply for a job, perform the essential functions of the position, and or to benefit equally from the privileges of employment.