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Individuals with disabilities are gaining even more independence as assistive technology further develops. These assistive technologies are helping individuals to engage and work more comfortably in everyday tasks, conversation, and in a professional environment.
A vital assistive technology program that is aiding individuals with disabilities is screen reading software which allows individuals with disabilities the opportunity to navigate websites, read documents, search for links within the text, and to define images. The goal of this technology is to essentially explain everything on a screen, in order, with functional links, and alternate text for images, as if the screen were turned off. This allows individuals who are blind or have low vision to utilize websites and documents seamlessly without missing any vital information.
Updates to eye scanning assistive technology are improving the way in which individuals with disabilities can utilize their eyes to operate all features of their computer so that they can comfortably make telephone calls, participate in conversation, type documents, and even play videogames. An excellent feature of this assistive technology is that it can convert text into spoken word, and this text-to-speech programming allows individuals to type their conversation utilizing their eyes, and then the conversation is read aloud by the computer. This technology may help individuals with disabilities to perform daily job functions as well, for it is programmed so that individuals can operate video calls, navigate websites, and send emails using the built-in
eye scanners.
MOD will continue to provide assistive technology updates as they continue to develop, for these advancements are steps forward in supporting and aiding individuals with disabilities to live and work independently.

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