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In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October of 2018, MOD and the Commonwealth’s Human Resources Division (HRD), partnered to host the second annual “Disability Mentoring Week (DMW).” DMW was an opportunity for people with disabilities to explore career opportunities with the Commonwealth. The first day began with presentations for the Mentors and Mentees. Mentees had the opportunity to learn about resume building, interview skills and to learn how to navigate and apply for jobs on MassCareers. The Mentors learned about the ADA, Title I employment initiatives, the application process for individuals with disabilities, and about the interactive process and reasonable accommodations for their employees.
Throughout the following two days, several Massachusetts state agencies, including the Massachusetts Office on Disability, welcomed Mentees to shadow their office, attend meetings, and to learn about the various responsibilities of Executive Branch employees. Each Mentee was paired with state employees working in the Mentee’s area of interest and/or education background. Feedback from both Mentors and Mentees has been extremely positive with some Mentees even securing jobs.

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