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My name is Christina Belforti, and I am very excited to begin my role as Advocate within the Client Services Unit of MOD. I have always been passionate about public service and advocacy; what is most important to me both personally and professionally is fighting for justice by giving a voice to those who have none. I am so excited to join the efforts of MOD to help ensure that people with disabilities can equally participate in all aspects of life. As an advocate, I will be working to inform and advise people on their civil rights, and orient people with disabilities in the right direction towards a more inclusive reality.
Prior to working at MOD, I was an Executive Assistant at Brown Rudnick LLP where I worked within the client services and IT departments. I also have experience interning at the DA’s office in Worcester, working in Union’s Admissions Department, and spent many years as a lifeguard and YMCA camp counselor. I love working with people to solve problems creatively. For many years I was fortunate enough to participate in a non-profit educational program called Destination Imagination, which focuses on teaching students STEM and 21st century skills through collaborative problem solving challenges. I managed a team of middle school students for three years, and also participated in the program when I was in elementary school.
I received my Bachelors of Arts from Union College in 2017, where I majored in English and minored in History. At Union, I was the captain of the swimming and diving team, a member of the English National Honors Society, and a member of Sigma Delta Tau. My senior year, I published an honors thesis on the exploration of non-normative identities in 19th Century Literature, focusing on the work of British writer Helen Oyeyemi. I am a self-proclaimed English nerd, coffee lover, and huge fan of the beach! I am happy to answer any questions, and help out in any way possible. I can be reached at (617)-727-7440. I am looking forward to working with you all, and thank you so much for such a friendly welcome!

By Christina Belforti

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