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Introducing Evan George

Written By Evan George

I am very excited to join the Massachusetts Office on Disability in my position as the Emergency Preparedness Training Coordinator. From gas leaks in the Merrimack Valley, to tornados in Norton, and coastal flooding across Cape Cod, Massachusetts cities and towns need to be prepared to respond to any emergency at a moment’s notice. The goal of this position is to organize local emergency first responders with their community members who require additional assistance to prepare for disasters before they strike.

I have a long history of program management and public service. I have worked with Seva Mandir, an India based NGO, and conducted a qualitative research project on their literacy camps for out-of- school youth in rural Rajasthan. Afterward, I was hired to develop and manage a positive behavior intervention plan as part of a turnaround effort for Boston Public Schools. Through hard work and high expectations, our team was able to greatly reduce out of class time by 78% and achieved the 5th highest rate of growth in all of Boston on MCAS state testing. In 2007, I was the emergency warehouse manager during Hurricane Harvey for the American Red Cross. I was responsible for coordinating hundreds of volunteers and US Army personnel while distributing food, water, and emergency supplies across the city of Houston.

I received my Bachelor of Arts from Norwich University, the Private Military School from the State of Vermont, and my Master’s Degree in International Education from New York University.

I greatly look forward to serving the people of the Commonwealth. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding community preparedness. I can best be reached at: or by phone at (617)-727-7440, extension 27313.


photo of evan george taking a photo in the mirror. Evan is wearing a white collared shirt, a tie and a scally cap.

Written By:

Emergency Preparedness Training Coordinator

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