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Pat Caggiano receives First Responder Award

Pat Caggaino receives First Responder Award for lifesaving efforts. Pictured here with his wife Kathy and Executive Director Dan Zivkovich.

On April 8, 2015, at about 1630 hours, Pat was walking out the front door of the MPTC’s Randolph Regional Police Academy when he encountered a young lady in the parking lot who was talking on her cell phone. Upon seeing him, she asked for the address, which Pat relayed, but she did not express any other concerns or makes any requests for assistance. However, as Pat walked to his personal vehicle, he heard the young lady shouting at the driver of a red pickup truck parked in the parking lot. From where he stood, Pat could see the driver was unresponsive in the driver’s seat.

Pat approached the young lady and asked if she needed help. However, one glance at the driver told him the driver definitely needed help because the driver’s skin color was already ashen. The passenger had been on the phone with 911, so Pat promptly headed inside, grabbed one of the AEDs, and then got the driver out of the truck. Although the AED recommended no shock, the driver was unresponsive and not breathing, at which point Pat and a Randolph police officer administered CPR. During this, it was discovered that the driver had likely overdosed on heroin. Pat and the Randolph officer continued CPR until the ambulance arrived and administered NARCAN. The last we heard, the driver was revived and has survived.

Upon further investigation, the Randolph Police Department discovered the driver of the pickup truck and his female passenger had just bought some heroin down the street, and apparently the driver could not wait to get home to try it. Not surprisingly, his driving became erratic. It was so bad that the passenger insisted that he pull over immediately. As timing would have it, they were on Lafayette Street approaching Adams Street, on which the police academy is located. As the driver turned onto Adams, the passenger insisted that he pull into the parking lot, which is where, as timing and fate would have it, Pat Caggiano happened to be walking out the door.

By way of background, Pat is a retired, sworn officer from New Hampshire who now works for the Municipal Police Training Committee as the Recruit Training Coordinator.

The content of this blog was written by Executive Director Dan Zivkovich.

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