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Recruit training at the Plymouth Police Academy is unparalleled. Motivation is vital, dedication essential, and discipline critical to recruit success. The 68th ROC is not only motivated, dedicated, and disciplined to navigate the academy successfully, but more importantly we are motivated, dedicated, and disciplined to be impactful in our communities. This is true now, and will be throughout our career.

Covid-19 has presented the 68th ROC and the Plymouth Police Academy with unique challenges. Scheduling has been adjusted, instruction has been adapted, and physical training modified. Unwavering, however, are the commitments to exceptional training and to our communities. Members of our communities are facing considerable difficulties during this time. Programs with resources that would normally support area families are facing substantial hardship. They have been significantly impacted by this virus. The needs in our community right now are overwhelming, yet understandably, supplies are scarce.

Despite the challenges Covid-19 has presented to the academy and our communities, the 68th ROC remains diligent, focused, and most importantly committed to what is right. As the 68th ROC has persevered, adapted, and overcome obstacles in our field training, we are also preparing to give back and support our communities. The 68th ROC will be collecting non-perishable food items, personal care/hygiene products, diapers and baby food, and other essentials that will be donated to the Plymouth Area Coalition. Donations will be accepted until April 6, 2020. The Plymouth Area Coalition services 22 local communities with an extensive list of resources that would normally be made available. In such uncertain times, it is paramount that they know the 68th ROC supports them and their efforts, meeting the needs of those we are committed to serve.

This blog is submitted by Plymouth Academy Director Eileen M.L. Goodick, written by Student Officer Jessica Priestly, Middleborough PD  

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