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On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the fifty-one Student Officers of the 65th R.O.C. Plymouth were honored to be present for the funeral service in memory of fallen K-9 Sergeant Sean Gannon.  While accompanied by the Plymouth Police Academy Staff, the 65th R.O.C. collectively stood tall and proud, realizing this was much more powerful than anything any of us had previously experienced.  As we took our position of attention amongst the finest men and women who serve not only the Commonwealth, but agencies around the Country, we immediately realized the magnitude of the profession we have entered.  We were surrounded by family, although we had never met them prior to this day.  The 65th R.O.C. marched as one to the St. Pius X Church and stood by our brothers and sisters in blue.  While many of us quietly wept, not one person moved.  We were surrounded by thousands of men and women who shared the same instilled discipline that we have worked so hard to perfect, and we honored Sergeant Gannon in doing just that.  We will continue to carry Sergeant Gannon and the members of the Yarmouth Police Department in our hearts as we train at the Plymouth Police Academy each day, and we vowed to one another to never forget him and his family.  K-9 Sergeant Gannon, we thank you and we will forever hold you and K-9 Nero close as honorary family members of the 65th R.O.C.

Content of this Blog written by Student Officer Cody Smith – Westport P.D.
Photo submitted by Academy Director Eileen M.L. Goodick

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