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PLYMAcademy_July19On Saturday June 22, 2019, Plymouth Police Academy recruits from the Plymouth Police Department participated in their towns Community Policing event. The event took place at the Plymouth Public Library from 10am-2pm. Volunteers for the event included the recruits, police officers and members from the community. We arrived prior to the start and assisted in setting up for the anticipated busy day ahead. Some had been to the event in the years prior while others had no idea what the day had in store. There was multiple different specialized units from the department that were available to see including cruisers, the mounted unit, the marine unit and the Metro Swat armored vehicle. There was also a K9 demonstration right at the peak of the event.

We were assigned to the grill where they cooked hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and kept the coolers and snacks filled. The task seemed easy and enjoyable; after all it was the perfect day to be outside grilling and socializing with members of the community. We quickly learned that all the teamwork that we had been learning and practicing everyday at the Academy was going to be useful to complete the task at hand. As the day went on, more people arrived the event got busier and busier. Each one of the recruits contributed in a different way throughout the course of the day.

One of the most rewarding parts of the day was being able to interact with the people of the community who we were soon to be serving and protecting. Everyone that spoke to us was wishing us luck and was genuinely excited to see the new faces they would be seeing in their community. People throughout the day were asking multiple recruits if they were excited to be soon to be officers and how the Academy had been thus far. It was hard for recruits to respond without having giant smiles on their faces thinking about all the memories they already share. Fourteen weeks ago, ten strangers started a journey together through one of the most demanding and rewarding experiences of their lives. This experiences has not only taught them discipline, courage and strength but also compassion, teamwork and skills that will carry them throughout their careers.

Blog Respectfully Submitted by Student Officer Kelsey Gailes- Plymouth PD
Photo Respectfully Submitted by Academy Director Eileen M.L. Goodick

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