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On Sunday May 19th, 2019, Student Officers from the 67TH R.O.C. MPTC Plymouth Police Academy participated in the 4th annual “Cuts 4 Cancer” event in Canton. This event, hosted by Betsy’s Barbershop, benefits the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. The Joe Andruzzi Foundation provides financial and emotional support for individuals and their families battling cancer in the New England area.

Plymouth Police Academy Director Eileen Goodick and Staff Instructor Sergeant Christopher Butler joined members of the 67th R.O.C. as they marched into the event. The entire formation was greeted with a round of applause from organizers and event participants. While rain began to fall moments after the arrival of the 67thR.O.C, it did not dampen the spirit of the event.

Student Officers had the privilege to interact with community members from Canton and beyond, including Chief Berkowitz of Canton Police Department.  Members of the 67th R.O.C. (and their family members) then received haircuts in support of those battling cancer across New England. In total, Student Officers from the 67thR.O.C. raised $400 for the Joe Andruzzi Foundation and had the pleasure of interacting with the public and supporting those in need.

As of this post, “Cuts 4 Cancer” and Betsy’s Barbershop raised over $21,000 dollars at this year’s event.

Blog Respectfully submitted by:  Student Officer William Theodore – Canton PD
Photo Respectfully submitted by: Student Officer Feliz Perez, III – Mattapoisett PD
Plymouth Police Academy Director Eileen M.L.Goodick

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