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Mr. Gregory, Founder of Every Good ReasonOn April 4, 2018 the 65th R.O.C. of the Plymouth Police Academy participated in domestic violence training provided by Every Great Reason Foundation. For over a decade Every Great Reason founder Gary Gregory has traveled the country to raise awareness about domestic violence and abuse, and to educate victims of their rights. Their continued efforts have led to the creation of legislation that assists in the path from victim to becoming a survivor.

Domestic Violence accounts for a large percentage of police calls. Percentages can range from 15% to over 50% in some communities. Every Great Reason believes it is imperative that police receive increased domestic violence training, because of this they worked hard with Secretary Daniel Bennett and Academy Director Eileen Goodick to bring their training to the Police Academy. The day of training was filled with emotion for the class and the trainers that were sharing their stories.

The day began with Mr. Gregory sharing that he started Every Great Reason after his sister was a victim of a domestic violence homicide. Every heart in the room ached for Mr. Gregory as he told his story. On the verge of tears, he relived what had happened to his sister, Mr. Gregory shared these difficult emotions with hope the class may help similar victims. After seeing some effects domestic violence can have on a family, the class was fortunate to see a performance of how a relationship can go from healthy to unhealthy to abusive.

A theatre performance is not normally envisioned when one thinks of a Police Academy; however, it was one of the most empowering and effective classes the 65th has had thus far. The performance included depictions of serious violence including strangulation. The actors made the class feel like they were actually witnessing a serious assault, and all 51 students wanted to jump out of their seats to put an end to it. The performance gave a real image to domestic violence which one would not normally see.

Unfortunately, domestic violence is something that has a negative impact on many innocent people. Every Great Reason was able to give a lasting impression of the many emotions domestic violence brings to victims and families. Members of the 65th will keep this in mind in the future to continue Every Great Reasons mission of helping victims become survivors.

Contents of this Blog Written by: Student Officer Nicholas Daley, Wellfleet P.D.
Photo submitted by:  Academy Director Eileen M.L.Goodick

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