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The 64th R.O.C. at the Plymouth Police Academy is honored to be the first class to utilize a flag detail. A flag detail consists of three student officers from the recruit class that are tasked with the care of the American Flag and the daily raising and lowering of our colors at the open and close of each training day.

Thanks to the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and the hard work and dedication of Academy Director Eileen Goodick, a flag pole was recently installed in the back yard of the Sheriff’s building where the academy is located. This marks the first time that the academy has had the use of a flag pole. A small patio is currently being constructed around the flag pole. This patio will feature a monument headstone that was designed and donated by the previous class, the 63rd R.O.C. This headstone is dedicated to memorializing of fallen K9s.

The flag pole and a daily flag detail is an important tradition. Honoring our country is something that many think about, but few put into practice.  At the Police Academy, we recognize that consciously honoring our flag and our country each and every day, not only honors our military, past and present, our first responders, and ourselves, but also truly honors every citizen that the flag represents. These are the citizens we are training to serve and protect. Saluting the flag as it is raised and reciting the pledge of allegiance, in class, allows us a moment from our often hectic day to reflect on our true purpose for being here: to serve each and every citizen of our great nation, to honor those who came before us, and to strengthen and ingrain our own personal love and pride for our country.

Submitted by Student Officer Taylor Powers, Leominster PD and Student Officer Henry Gula, Weston PD

Photo submitted by Academy Director Eileen M. L. Goodick

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