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Student officers at Home Depot

At the center of every police department is the community that supports its operation, empowering the overall effectiveness in all aspects. On September 7th, 2017, the 64th R.O.C. recognized a long standing relationship; a relationship that illuminates the positive benefits between a local business within the community and the police. This bond between Home Depot and the Plymouth Police Academy recruits has been in place long before the beginning of the 64th’s twenty-four-week tenure.  Walking into the storefront, it becomes clear that the encouragement provided by Home Depot and its employees has transcended throughout many classes. The services provided every morning by the world’s largest home improvement retailer to the 64th R.O.C., provides a positive start in the morning rooted in motivation.

To recognize Home Depot and its employees for its loyal support to past classes as well as the current class, the 64th R.O.C. was honored to deliver hot coffee and pastries for all employees. It remains important to always recognize any relationship built through the fruits of the community policing doctrine. By acting as the primary liaison between the community and the police at this individualized level, the 64th R.O.C. displays proudly a relationship grounded in appreciation. We as a class proudly distinguish the very essence of an effective community relationship built through the guidance and direction of the MPTC curriculum. The 64th R.O.C. would like to again extend their thanks and gratitude to Home Depot as well as its employees for the support of past, present, and future police academies to come!

Submitted by Student Officer Adam Rego – Dartmouth PD

Photo Submitted by Academy Director – Eileen M.L.Goodick

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