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maura_dvsa_april18From left to right:  Chief Paul Keenan, Lisa Beatty, Lt Det Patrick Glynn, Sue Chandler, Marcia Szymanski, Lt Governor Karyn Polito, David Adams, Courtney Cahill, Chief Bob Ferullo, Woburn PD; Sgt Michael Wells; Amanda Reichmuth; Maura Landry, MPTC, Chief Mark Dubois and Mary Kociela.

The Lt. Governor recognized Foxborough, Greenfield, Quincy and Woburn police departments along with MPTC for implementing a pilot project this year to administer the “risk assessment tool kit.  The toolkit consists of a risk assessment and strangulation worksheets for officers to fill out on domestic violence calls.  These worksheets were created by the Response and Assessment Workgroup which is a subcommittee of the Governor’s council on domestic violence and sexual assault.

It was an honor to have the Lt Governor acknowledge the hard work the subcommittee has done with creating a toolkit for police officers when responding to a domestic violence incident.

The ability to assess the dangerousness and lethality of those who commit acts of domestic violence is a critical element in violence intervention and prevention.  Research shows that domestic violence homicides typically do not occur without warning. They occur most often in predictable patterns that escalate in severity and frequency.

By incorporating what we know about intimate partner homicide and instituting risk assessment protocols for police officers, we can identify dangerous domestic violence offenders earlier, giving the system a better opportunity to interrupt the cycle of escalating violence before a lethal assault occurs.

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