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MPTC has begun implementing a state-of-the-art training record/instructor certification database. The database will an officer’s training and certification records and will be the portal for enrolling in training and obtaining and renewing certifications.  It will allow departments and officers access to the records themselves without needing to request copies or transcripts from the MPTC.

The processes related to records, enrollment, and certifications will utilize electronic submissions and will allow for automatic notifications of enrollment status and pending expiration dates for certifications.

Agencies will be able to check officers’ compliance with training standards, the status of their officers’ certifications, and much more.  It will also allow officers to update their contact information and agencies to update employment status themselves.

Best of all, the system is Web based with Homeland Security-level cybersecurity and is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

The system is being launched in stages to allow for transitions, with the hope that the system will be fully functional by mid 2019.

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