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This November, the 66th R.O.C. Plymouth Police Academy has started a rally of support behind Attorney Patrick Rogers during his battle against cancer. Just weeks ago, we were being taught the foundation of our future careers by Attorney Rogers: the Laws of the Commonwealth. Every one of us were enthralled by his knowledge and style of teaching, as were the hundreds of student officers who sat in these very same seats before us. With over twenty years of sharing his brilliance, Pat Rogers is a legend, an inspiration and a trailblazer. The majority of police officers in the Commonwealth were given the tools in their toolbox to lead a successful career along with the sharpened edge and polish that comes with in-service training with Attorney Rogers.

The 66th R.O.C. has added another symbolic piece to our khaki uniforms. The 59 Student Officers of our class will be wearing ribbons as an act of solidarity with Pat Rogers during his battle. Keep fighting sir.

You have a family of blue bigger than you ever imagined standing right beside you…

“Because those are the Rules”… #RogersStrong
Content of this Blog submitted by Student Officer Heather Huska, Sandwich PD 66th ROC
Image submitted by Academy Director Eileen M. L. Goodick

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