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On Sunday June 10th the 65th R.O.C of the Plymouth Police Academy had the privilege of volunteering for the Boston Special Olympics Summer Games.  With a warm welcome we cheered on the athletes as they accepted their medals. A day of volunteering that was much more powerful than we expected, I can speak for all of us when I say we were humbled by the joy, happiness and enthusiasm that the athletes demonstrated that Sunday afternoon. Whether it was a first place gold metal or a 5th place ribbon the athletes knew the accomplishments they have achieved and they were proud.  They were proud not only to celebrate their own achievements but also the achievements of their fellow athletes, the comradery was astounding and it was evident how much the athletes respect one another. We left the Summer Games with our hearts full that day.

It is often easy to take our daily life for granted, easy to overlook what is most important. Today the 65th was reminded of how important it is to uplift one another, not to focus on the weaknesses but to emphasis the strengths of one another.  This event was close to our hearts; it was a humbling experience that we highly recommend for others to participate in.

Content of this Blog is submitted by Student Officer Krestina Habib, Quincy PD
Photo Submitted by: Academy Director Eileen M.L.Goodick

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