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69th ROC Colors

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” -Sir Isaac Newton

We, the Student Officers of the 69th R.O.C., deeply respect everyone that has come before us to make policing what it is today. We hope to learn from what they have done and seek to improve upon their successes by first taking a step back and understanding what it means to be a Police Officer. Through our predecessor’s actions, both good and bad, we will learn to become public guardians and be the tethers that bind our communities together. Were it not for them we could never succeed because no matter how long ago they lived, the actions of each and every police officer that has done the job has added to the cumulative knowledge that makes up our curriculum.

On September 19th, 2020 I, Student Officer Zachary Good and twenty two of my fellow Student Officers gathered for the 2020 National Run for the Badge. We had a beautiful morning with no clouds in the sky and a 60℉ temperature that made for a perfect run. Some of us ran for speed and others ran for the fun of it. No matter our goal, though, each and every one of us made the best of it. It was a day full of camaraderie that even social distancing guidelines couldn’t put a damper on.

The run itself is a virtual 5k hosted on behalf of the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum. As of our run on the 19th we have raised over $2000 to help maintain the beautiful memorial in Washington D.C. as an academy with some help from the MPTC staff. So far this year over 200 law enforcement workers have died or been killed while conducting their civil duties and many of these fallen men and women will have their names etched onto the walls of the memorial. Hopefully by helping to fund the memorial we, the 69th R.O.C., can assure that the shoulders on which we currently stand will continue to hold countless generations of Police Officers.

Blog written by: Student Officer Zachary Good of the Mashpee Police Department

Photo submitted by: Academy Director Eileen M.L.Goodick

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