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All officers must obtain 40-hours of training in TY17.  The mandatory requirements for the coming year include:

  • Legal update: six (6) hours
  • Youth interactions: three (3) hours
  • Elderly issues: three (3) hours
  • Active shooter tabletop: three (3) hours
  • Dynamics of addiction: three (3) hours
  • Defensive tactics: three (3) hours

All of these classes will require use of the MPTC lesson plan and MPTC-certified instructors who have attended the instructor trainer courses for that topic.

Officers are also required to complete the annual firearms training and re-qualification requirements and to meet the statutorily mandated CPR and first aid training requirements, which do count towards the 40-hour training requirement, as does any other police-related training, regardless of the provider.

MPTC TY2017 In-Service Training Standards for Reserve Officers

At the June meeting, after gathering feedback from the field, the MPTC Committee voted to establish the same mandatory in-service training standard for reserve/intermittent police officers for TY17 as is mandated for fulltime officers.  That means that all reserve/intermittent officers will need to have a minimum of forty (40) of police-related training that includes the mandatory topics of legal updates (6 hours), interactions with youth (3 hours), elderly issues (3 hours), defensive tactics (3 hours), dynamics of addition (3 hours), and active shooter tabletop (3 hours).  The mandatory topics total 21 hours, leaving the remaining 19 hours up to the department’s discretion, bearing in mind the firearms and CPR/first aid training requirements also need to be included.

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