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As the end of the training year (June 30) approaches, this is a good time to remind all officers and departments of the mandatory in-service training requirements for this year: Every fulltime, sworn municipal, University of Massachusetts, and Environmental police officer is required to attend at least five days of training that includes the following:

The following topics, hours, and lesson plans are mandated:

  • Legal Issues – a full day of training
  • Human Trafficking – one-half day
  • Police Interactions with Persons with Mental Illness – one-half day
  • Defensive Tactics – a full day

To meet the standard, these four classes must be taught using the respective MPTC lesson plan and MPTC-certified instructors who have attended the respective train-the-trainer class.  MPI provides approved versions of the first three topics on line.

The following topics are mandated, but no minimum hours are assigned: CPR, first aid, and firearms.  For firearms, the annual requirement is for officers to fire the MPTC proficiency course and then to expend an additional 50 rounds of ammunition while engaging in at least two training sessions.

That leaves two days of training that are mandatory, but the topics are at the discretion of the chief/department.  Any police-related training can count toward this two-day requirement, including, but not limited to online training, supervisory training, K9 training, SWAT training, specialized training, training furnished by other departments, E911 training, SRO training, et cetera.

As a reminder, these are statutory requirements per MGL c. 41 §96B.

The content of this blog was written by Executive Director Dan Zivkovich

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