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Bob Sweeney looks on as Hunking Middle School students tackle STEM problems.

Bob Sweeney looks on as Hunking Middle School students tackle STEM problems.

On Monday, May 8th Boston Bruins Foundation Executive Director and former player, Bob Sweeney visited Hunking Middle School in Haverhill to participate in a classroom demo and school assembly regarding the Future Goals-Hockey Scholar program.  During the visit, Mr. Sweeney observed students working on the online, interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program before entering the gymnasium for a brief Q&A session.

“I really like this program. It helps me to remember formulas,” said eighth-grader Victoria Giampa.

In one lesson, Victoria watched a short video of a hockey player doing 10-meter sprints. The program displayed the time and distance for each attempt and, using a computer mouse, Victoria had control over when the player started and stopped his sprint.

“Now I have to calculate the player’s speed in meters per second using a formula,” Victoria said.

To kick things off, Haverhill STEM Supervisor Kevin Higginbotham welcomed the students and thanked Hunking Middle School for hosting such event. During the discussion, Mr. Sweeney covered topics such as the important of education, teaching STEM through the lenses of hockey and why a healthy lifestyle is important on and off the ice. Students had the opportunity to ask Bob Sweeney questions that connected playing the game of hockey with what they’re learning in the online STEM program. Towards the end of the assembly, Mr. Sweeney tested the students Hockey Scholar knowledge with a few trivia questions in exchange for Bruins autographed pucks.

The Future Goals-Hockey Scholar program is available to all schools at no cost due to the sponsorship of the Boston Bruins, the NHL and the NHLPA.  The course brings STEM concepts to life for students through the professionals in the course who use them in their work everyday, like the Ice Technician, Coaches, and Equipment Managers. Students will explore topics like area, energy transfer, independent variables, geometric constructions as they work to earn the Stanley Cup for their team upon completion of the course!

Teachers said that when students log into the site, they are able to play hockey-based games that are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards such as energy, particle movement and forces.

At the end of each game, students take a quiz on what they remember. They also earn trophies. The program also teaches them how math and science are interconnected in the classroom and in the real world. The kids can also learn about current players on the Bruins and see their statistics.

“It has been a great way to spark their interest in STEM, as well as the Bruins hockey organization,” said eighth-grade science teacher Kelly Mansour.

“We’re using it almost as a supplement to classroom instruction,” she said. “As a science teacher, I’m always looking for other resources and we are excited as we’re trying to bring real-world situations into the classroom and make learning fun.”

The 2013 virtual schools legislation required the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to identify and publish a list of online courses that are aligned with state academic standards and available for use by districts. In partnership with EverFi, the Department is pleased to offer a range of free courses and activities for students. These courses are free to Massachusetts schools and districts and face-to-face professional development through EverFi is also free. For more information regarding the event and the Future Goal-Hockey Scholar program please contact Margaret Bane at or visit

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