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EducationSuperHighway recently released the full version of Compare & Connect K-12, which enables users to more easily view and compare bandwidth and broadband pricing information for their own and other school districts across Massachusetts.

Compare & Connect K-12 is a free online tool that empowers school district leaders to get the most bandwidth for their broadband budgets. With the 2017 E-rate filing window approaching, the tool’s powerful new features will make it even easier for you to view broadband services and bandwidth information for school districts in your region. Use Compare & Connect K-12 to:

  • Find out what other districts are buying to support digital learning;
  • Compare broadband options in a state or across the country;
  • See what service providers are offering to nearby districts;
  • View a summary of 2016 E-rate filing.

Compare your district to others on Compare & Connect K-12

Using this tool, you will be equipped to negotiate for bandwidth that can support digital learning today and into the future, which is one of the goals of the Massachusetts Digital Connections Initiative. We hope you find Compare & Connect K-12 to be a helpful resource.

In addition, as part of the Digital Connections Initiative, EducationSuperHighway is holding two webinars in which Massachusetts district leaders can come together to view their own and other districts’ broadband data on Compare & Connect K-12 and discuss strategies for increasing bandwidth. Space is limited, and interested people should register for the time that works best for them: Tuesday, December 6 at 1:00 p.m. or Tuesday, December 13 at 1:00 p.m.

If you have feedback or questions on the tool, you can contact EducationSuperHighway directly at

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