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While Grant postings are nothing new to COMMBUYS, announcing and finding these funding opportunities has never been easier with the introduction of a new COMMBUYS-specific UNSPSC commodity code (00-00-00) for Grants!* Going forward, grantor agencies will be using this UNSPSC code to clearly identify Grants in the COMMBUYS Market Center.  This dedicated UNSPSC code will enable interested organizations to quickly locate Grant opportunities and receive email notifications when Grants are posted in COMMBUYS.

Grantees must be registered as Vendors in COMMBUYS to respond to a Grant Opportunity. For registered Vendors, add the new UNSPSC commodity code to your Vendor Profile to receive automatic email notifications for all Grants posted under the dedicated Grant UNSPSC. Not registered in COMMBUYS? Take a few minutes today to sign up at Registration takes a few minutes and has no associated cost.

To locate Grants in COMMBUYS:
  1. Use the Advanced Search feature;
  2. Select Bids in the Document Type drop-down; and
  3. Search “00-00-00” in the UNSPSC search field.**

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*This UNSPSC code (00-00-00) will be specific to Massachusetts and COMMBUYS, so no information about this code will be available on UNSPSC websites.

**As this is a new feature, interested organizations also may wish to explore other ways to uncover grant opportunities posted in COMMBUYS prior to this enhancement. Using the Advanced Search feature, select Bids in the Document Type drop-down. Use the provided fields to search for Grants. For example, enter the word “Grant” in the Bid Description field, or narrow searches by selecting specific agencies from the Organization drop-down menu.

All state agencies are subject to 815 CMR 2.00, State Grants, Federal Grant Awards, Federal Subgrants and Subsidies as well as the Office of the Comptroller’s policy on State Grants, Federal Sub-Grants and Subsidies.  Departments must use COMMBUYS to publicly post the availability of a discretionary Grant or Grant Program and publish the results of grantee selections.  Use of COMMBUYS to receive electronic quotes for grant opportunities is optional; however, state agencies are encouraged to require grantees to register and submit quotes (applications) through COMMBUYS, which provides a central repository for receipt of electronic applications.  As more grantees use COMMBUYS to identify grant opportunities, they will have a single location to apply for grants from multiple state agencies, resulting in efficiencies for both the grantees and the state agencies.

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