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Photo of Help Desk personnel. Pictured from left to right are James Reid, Matthew Chester, Michael Evers, Patricia Finklea, Michael Phillips, and John Walsh.

Pictured from left to right are the Help Desk staff: James Reid, Matthew Chester, Michael Evers, Patricia Finklea, Michael Phillips, and John Walsh.

COMMBUYS Help Desk Director Michael Evers and his team represent the front lines for the Operational Services Division (OSD) and for the COMMBUYS online market center. From 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (Eastern), Monday through Friday, the Help Desk team is ready to answer questions, walk buyers and sellers through registration or solicitations, and solve problems. The Help Desk team focuses on personalized, individual support. Once an email or phone call is placed, Help Desk personnel are assigned to each individual request. From the receipt of the inquiry to the delivery of a solution, users have a dedicated staff member following up on their request and working with them toward prompt resolution.

All calls and emails are responded to within one business day, and the team works quickly to assist users and resolve more complex issues. Evers conducts continuous training activities with his team so they remain at the forefront of COMMBUYS functionality. The COMMBUYS Resource Center contains a wealth of information for buyers and sellers; Webinars, Webcasts, and Job Aids are created and updated regularly to provide hands-on, detailed training. “The COMMBUYS Help Desk staff actively participate in trainings, the review of job aids, and familiarize themselves with solutions available through the COMMBUYS tool. We are committed and strive to deliver the best customer service we can,” shared Evers. By working with materials as they are developed, the team is able to answer questions with the most current information.

To further serve the users and make certain that COMMBUYS runs successfully and smoothly, it is vital that information is shared. The Help Desk staff ensure that feedback is immediately funneled to the appropriate teams: system issues are escalated to the OSD Production Support unit; unclear or missing information is addressed with Training; and frequently asked questions are sent to Marketing and Communications for the development of Quick Tips, COMMBUYS Updates, and other messages. With the Help Desk at the frontlines gathering insight directly from users, OSD units are able to work together to provide COMMBUYS buyers and sellers with the tools they need.

At the launch of COMMBUYS in March 2014, the Help Desk was comprised of three full-time staff members. During the first six months of COMMBUYS utilization, the Help Desk received and responded to more than 700* phone calls. Intake has grown exponentially, with the team responding to close to 2,000* calls from August 1, 2014, through January 31, 2015, which represents a 270% increase. During the month of January 2015 alone, the Help Desk fielded nearly 600 calls. As both enrollment in COMMBUYS (9,301 vendors and 1,556 government practitioners**) and call volumes continue to climb, OSD has responded to the need for additional assistance by doubling the Help Desk staff. Six system specialists, all ready to assist, now staff the Help Desk for 45 hours each week. Faced with a growing customer base and increased need for service, Evers leads the Help Desk with a goal of expediency, effectiveness, and excellence in service.

Learn more about COMMBUYS.
Contact the Help Desk from 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (Eastern) Monday-Friday by calling 1-888-627-8283 or by emailing

*Numbers pulled from Track-It as of February 3, 2015
**Numbers of registered vendors and basic purchasers pulled from COMMBUYS as of February 5, 2015

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