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Marilyn Moedinger came to OSD’s attention when she Tweeted about her attendance at the Pre-Certification Workshop held in Worcester on February 12. The Workshop provides a streamlined state certification process for minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses and a brief introduction to COMMBUYS, the Small Business Purchasing Program, and the Supplier Diversity Program. Certification offers a way to enhance a business’ marketability.

A while back, Marilyn learned about the state’s certification program through conversations with colleagues. While intrigued with the possibility of becoming certified as a woman-owned business, the timing didn’t seem quite right. Marilyn’s architectural firm, Runcible Studios, which she founded in 2014, was just getting off the ground and she felt overwhelmed by the certification requirements. “Balancing working in the business vs. working on the business (doing taxes and payroll) is a challenge. To be successful as a business owner, you need to focus on both of those aspects,” she said. With other priorities taking precedent, Marilyn decided to defer becoming certified until her business was more established.

Several weeks ago, Marilyn felt the time was ripe to pursue certification. Following her attendance at the Pre-Certification Workshop, we caught up with Marilyn to learn she has registered her business in COMMBUYS and is putting the finishing touches on her SDO certification application, which she expects to submit in the next week or so.

If you’re interested in taking that first step to becoming SDO certified, complete the SDO’s Certification Self-Assessment – it only takes a minute or two to determine whether your company/organization may qualify for the SDO programs.

Follow OSD on Twitter @Mass_OSD. Learn more about certification on the Supplier Diversity Office webpage.


Tweet from Marilyn Moedinger

Tweet from Marilyn Moedinger

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