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When you engage an FAC86 Statewide Contract Vendor to handle your organization’s solid waste disposal needs, you’ve taken a strategic first step toward ensuring best value for your organization, knowing that the contract was negotiated using the Commonwealth’s significant buying power and contracting expertise.

cutting-costsBut what else can organizations do to reduce hauling costs?

One approach shown to reduce solid waste volume and cost is taking full advantage of recycling opportunities. Buyers should be aware that cost-effective recycling services for non-hazardous materials are available through FAC86. Moreover, the contract offers Resource Management Agreements that incentivize Statewide Contract Vendors to reduce buyers’ solid waste disposal. Through facility assessments, vendors uncover opportunities to reduce waste at the source or through increased recycling. Contact FAC86 vendors to discuss.

Another option to become educated about diverting products from solid waste is through RecyclingWorks, a program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). RecyclingWorks provides free, one-on-one technical assistance to help organizations evaluate their existing practices and identify ways to prevent, recover, and divert waste. They guide organizations in conducting cost analyses for starting or expanding waste diversion programs and empowering staff through education and training.

Here are two examples of organizations that have realized cost savings after implementing RecyclingWorks recommendations:

  • An organization in Leominster doubled its cardboard recycling rate, thereby reducing trash by 50% and saving $7,000 each year in disposal costs.
  • A Boston organization reduced its average monthly disposal cost by more than 37% after implementing successful recycling, food donation, and food scrap diversion programs.

Departments, municipalities, public institutions of higher education, and other eligible entities may access RecyclingWorks services at no cost. Reach out to RecyclingWorks, and then combine what you learn with FAC86 services to maximize your savings potential.

Reach Contract Manager, Michael Woods, with FAC86 questions at 617-720-3191.

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