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The 2018 MASSBUYS EXPO provided an opportunity for attendees from the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council Inc. (GLCAC Inc.) to explore new vendor options for the 25-plus programs they offer to their community. New Procurement Coordinator, Julie Holmes, and longtime CFO (and faithful MASSBUYS attendee), Rick Robichaud, attended this year’s EXPO eager to find new ways of saving money and increasing efficiency at the non-profit organization.

Upon their arrival at MASSBUYS 2018, Holmes and Robichaud met with various vendors that offer everything from office supplies to shuttle buses. They subsequently contracted with a vendor to supply water coolers at their various locations. “We discovered this Statewide Contract vendor offered far better pricing with a comprehensive service plan; switching was a no brainer,” Holmes explained.


GLCAC Inc.’s new Procurement Coordinator Julie Holmes (pictured at her desk) attended her first MASSBUYS in 2018.

Holmes was particularly pleased about the connections she made with two women-owned businesses. “GLCAC Inc. is committed to the principles of supplier diversity and supports women- and minority-owned businesses in its community; it was a win for us to find diverse vendors who also have experience working with non-profit organizations that use Statewide Contracts,” said Holmes. GLCAC Inc. has since placed orders with both vendors, notably the purchase of commercial grade ovens at a competitive price.

Eligible Non-Profit organizations may use Statewide Contracts to purchase goods or services at competitive prices negotiated by the Commonwealth. Two types of non-profits are eligible to participate in the program:

  • Non-profit human and social service providers under contract with the Commonwealth; and
  • Other non-profit organizations receiving public funding from state, federal, or local governments in the form of appropriated funds, grants, or contracts.

To learn more about the Non-profit Purchasing Programs, please visit our website. Questions regarding program participation should be directed to the Purchasing Agent at:

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