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STATE OF PROCUREMENT: Five Trends That Are Reshaping How Governments BuysGoverning Front page

Governing Magazine recently published the results of an in-depth review of state procurement practices around the country, information gathered by Governing Institute via survey late last year.
Massachusetts’ procurement methodologies, managed by the Operational Services Division, were featured several times in the article and ranked third overall, up from fifth when a similar study last was conducted by Governing Institute in 2016.
The institute’s latest findings, detailed in “5 Trends That Are Reshaping How Governments Buy,” revealed several themes that are defining how states deliver efficiencies and end user satisfaction. Trends highlighted in the article include:

  • Use of data to help direct the procurement process;
  • Greater focus on best value strategies;
  • Solution-based contracts;
  • Improved vendor relations; and
  • Innovative contracting approaches.

Through the analysis of extensive information collected from 28 participating states and the District of Columbia, Governing Institute provided a 1 to 10 ranking of state procurement offices and highlighted some best practices.
Read the complete Governing Magazine article.

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