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“If not for the Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program (SSCP), I never would have had the confidence to apply and interview for my new position at the Department of Mental Health,” gushes Brittany Anderson, a recent graduate of the Operational Services Division’s (OSD) Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program.

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Brittany Anderson, a recent graduate of Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program, comments on her class experience leading to a new role.

After three years working at the Department of Transportation, Anderson was looking to make a change. Her former supervisor at DOT is a graduate of a similar program and encouraged Anderson to enroll in the SSCP. Following graduation, Anderson successfully applied and interviewed for a lateral move into the Department of Mental Health, where she now focuses primarily on contract management and procurement for the Department.

She continues, “80 to 90 percent of what I do in my new position is directly related to what I learned in the SSCP. When the time comes that I need to do an RFR in COMMBUYS, I’ll definitely need to apply what I learned in Strategic Sourcing.

“My classmates were from a variety of agencies and even included supervisors who wanted to see what their teams were tackling day-to-day. It was really useful to have different perspectives and experiences, since some people hadn’t really done much strategic sourcing before, while others had been doing it for 30 years.”

OSD Trainer Christine Tello-Lorenz highlights the small group exercises that allow for collaboration and exchange of ideas among agencies while applying concepts taught during instructional time. “We like to let the attendees have time to put the lessons to the test to see how they may work in the ‘real world,’ and where students may find resistance,” she explains.

Anderson has high praise for Tello-Lorenz and her fellow Trainer, Erin Powers: “The environment is very encouraging. Christine and Erin are some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and they’re a big part of why the class is so successful.”

Anderson’s advice to anyone considering the Program: “Even if you’re not directly involved with procurement, COMMBUYS, or requests for response, you can learn something in this class. My biggest takeaway was the importance of being proactive rather than reactive while realizing how challenging it may be to change habits at a given agency or department.”

About the Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program
Provided free of charge through the Operational Services Division’s Training department, the Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program (SSCP) is a five-day course in which agency professionals learn about Strategic Sourcing best practices and have deep discussions on conducting the most effective procurements. The SSCP is a highly interactive course where participants form small groups to engage in hands-on exercises, simulating the major processes involved in Strategic Sourcing.

With this emphasis on interagency collaboration, the course embraces a diverse set of student experiences. Seasoned professionals bring years of practical knowledge to the discussion and new buyers provide a fresh perspective and enthusiastic curiosity. Each participant learns something new by sharing advice and asking questions, while highlighting common themes across agencies. Beyond the range of experience and subject matter expertise, procurement roles also differ across the class. Participants often are from various functional groups, and include everyone from those who manage vendor relationships to those who provide legal advice.

The dates for the next SSCP will be announced soon! Click here to learn more about the SSCP.

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