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The official logo for National Preparedness Month 2017In conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Association’s (FEMA) National Preparedness Month, Governor Charlie Baker declared September as Emergency Preparedness Month for the Commonwealth. This month is the designated time to plan for safety during droughts, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, wildfires, and other disasters. Fortunately, by ordering from Statewide Contracts, your agency or organization may be better prepared to weather the storm.

During these weather-related emergencies, there are a number of essential items to have available, including food (GRO30), bottled water (GRO34), batteries (FAC94), and flashlights (FAC94). Be sure to have first aid kits (HSP40) and any medications (MED47) on hand as well. Services such as tree removal (FAC77), communications network disaster recovery services (ITT46), hazmat collection and disposal (FAC82), and disaster debris monitoring and management (HLS02 and HLS03) also may be imperative during an emergency.

To protect from the icy temperatures of winter, it is vital to have proper HVAC system supplies (FAC94), heating oil (ENE45), and portable generators (FAC94). Keep your vehicles stocked with necessities like blankets (CLT08), snow shovels (FAC94), and ice scrapers (FAC94). To recover from snowstorms, be sure to order snow removal supplies/equipment, such as road salt (VEH95), de-icing chemicals (FAC94), and snowblowers (FAC88), or use snow removal services (FAC77). For the complete updated listing of emergency goods and services available on Statewide Contract, along with the appropriate vendor contact information, click here to download the Emergency Response Guide.

Receive Real-Time Emergency Alerts & Critical Information on Your Smartphone - Massachusetts AlertsTo stay informed throughout National Preparedness Month, follow @Readygov and @PrepareAthon on Twitter, and use the hashtags #NatlPrep and #PlanAhead to join the conversation. Check out the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s (MEMA) website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages to learn how to plan better with the Ready Massachusetts emergency preparedness initiative. Finally, download the MEMA-developed app called Massachusetts Alerts, which will send emergency alerts, as well as information about public safety incidents and disasters, to your smartphone.

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