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OSD’s Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) was awarded a George Cronin Award for Procurement Excellence: Honorable Mention for its commitment to innovation in supporting supplier diversity. The Cronin Awards, which recognize innovation and efficiency in state procurement, were presented by the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) at its annual conference in Minneapolis in September.

During Fiscal Year 2016 (July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016), the SDO implemented a number of reforms and improvements that increased the overall success of its programs. Notable innovations include the expansion of the diversity categories recognized in the Commonwealth’s Supplier Diversity Program by adding Veteran and Disability businesses and becoming the first state in the nation to also include LGBT businesses. Additionally, through research, modernization, and innovation, the SDO shifted its focus from delivering certification services and monitoring diversity spending to actively recruiting certification applicants, finding diverse bidders for Commonwealth business opportunities, and providing buyer tools to incorporate diversity into purchasing decisions. Streamlined application forms, electronic application submission, and the availability of cross-application with other certifiers made it easier to apply for certification.

Over 10 months in Fiscal Year 2016, starting in August 2015, the SDO conducted a formal Business Process Redesign of its processes, policies, forms, technology, and practices. The table below outlines the success of this effort.

Congratulations to the SDO team on a job well done! To learn about the Supplier Diversity Program, visit

  Before After
State Certification Application Form 32 pages 10 pages (69% reduction)
Required Supporting Documents Average 10 pages Average 9 pages (10% reduction)
Joint State Certification Application for DBE Certification Applicants 32 pages 1 page (97% reduction)
Applicant Submission Methodology All paper applications and attachments All electronic (being unveiled in October 2016)
Document Storage Paper files in a 400 square foot file room All electronic document management system
Applicant Correspondence All paper sent via US Mail All electronic (except registered appeal notices)
Certification Renewal Form 10 pages 2 pages
Certification Renewal Frequency Every 2 years Every 3 years
Informal Appeal Process prior to Form Appeals Not available Implemented
Certification Application Site Visits In-person site visits required for certain categories Site visits still required; however, implemented “virtual” site visits in certain circumstances

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