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y-commbuys-loyaltyTraining Data Included in the New Standings
COMMBUYS Loyalty Program results have been tabulated through September 30, 2017, and – for the first time – we’ve included training details for the preceding five quarters. Check out your COMMBUYS Loyalty Program results and see how you stack up against others in your organization type!

COMMBUYS Loyalty Program Training Data
As promised, Training information for the last 15 months has been integrated into the Program standings. Data includes completion of the Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program to earn points toward the Sourcing Scholars badge and attendance at other designated classes toward receiving a Thirst for Knowledge badge. We encourage you to take a look at these newly published standings.

Of special note, 154 COMMBUYS organizations received a Thirst for Knowledge badge, including 16 level-five badge earners. Twenty-two organizations were granted a Sourcing Scholars badge. Shout out to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) for attaining a level-five Sourcing Scholars badge – the highest echelon attainable!

Review our current Buyer Training Schedule to be positioned to earn points in future quarters. Get a quick overview of the Program by linking to the COMMBUYS Loyalty Program Rules.

Category Spotlight this Quarter: Savvy Shopper
The Savvy Shopper category assigns one point for each Catalog, PunchOut, or Open Market Purchase Order processed in COMMBUYS. Thus far, we have 148 organizations that have achieved a badge! We are pleased to welcome first-time Savvy Shopper badge earners: the Towns of Acton, Bridgewater, Boylston, and Westborough, along with the Charles River Pollution Control District. Fifteen organizations have achieved a level 5 in this category. Select your organization to view your standings.

Congratulations to all our badge earners! Results are building…Which organization will be the first to earn a badge in all eligible categories?

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