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Car driving and leaving a green path behindThe Leading by Example (LBE) Program at the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) works collaboratively across state government and public higher education to meet aggressive clean energy targets for the Commonwealth. In support of their program, DOER has announced three state grants for clean energy and alternative transportation.

State Entities Vehicle Fleet Efficiency Grant – Provides financial incentives for specific vehicle technologies acquired through Statewide Contract that support standard or alternative compliance with the Fuel Efficiency Standard (FES):

  • After-market hybrid or alternative fuel (e.g. propane, natural gas) conversions (VEH102)
  • Idle reduction technologies (VEH102)
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (VEH98)

All Executive Branch Agencies or any state entity that acquires vehicles through the OSD’s Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) and is subject to the requirements of the FES are eligible for a grant award. Where applicable, state entities must procure eligible technologies through the associated Statewide Contract(s) (referenced above) and work with OVM in their vehicle acquisition process.

Note: There is a minimum dollar amount required for grant requests when making direct purchases. Through an agreement between DOER and OVM, the minimum is waived when acquiring vehicles or technologies through the OVM Lease Program.

Solar Canopies & Innovative Solar Grant – Provides funding for state entities to increase the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) parking canopies and innovative solar PV technologies at state facilities. Any Executive Agency, state institution of higher education, or quasi-public state entity is eligible.

  • Locate the grant documents in COMMBUYS.
  • Seek information about purchasing electric vehicle charging stations from VEH102.
  • Contact Jillian DiMedio at DOER: 617-626-7367.

Feasibility Studies Grant – Offers financial support to identify and study a range of potential clean energy technologies that result in reduced energy use, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and/or lower energy costs. Any Executive Agency, state institution of higher education, or quasi-public state entity is eligible.

  • Find the grant documents in COMMBUYS.
  • Explore Energy Consulting Services available under Statewide Contract PRF62.
  • Contact Trey Gowdy at DOER: 617-626-7328.

Note: In COMMBUYS, you will need to download the grant description and application individually in the ‘File Attachments’ section. Please contact DOER staff with questions.

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