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It was a busy summer for OSD’s State Surplus Property Office. Over the course of three months, the office hosted four vehicle auctions at various locations in Massachusetts. These events attracted hundreds of registered bidders, including car dealers, auto parts and repair professionals, and members of the general public. The inventory also was diverse, offering a selection of sedans, SUVs, trucks, hybrid vehicles, and others. About 100 vehicles were sold at each auction with an average sale price of $1,027 per vehicle. The Surplus Property office will host another vehicle auction on September 28 in Ayer, Massachusetts, followed by their final auction of the year in November.
If you are unable to attend a live auction, surplus property from OSD also is available throughout the year via online auctions hosted by Auctions International. Every posted auction item includes a comprehensive description and is accompanied by a series of photos. Prospective buyers who are uncomfortable making a purchase sight unseen have the option to request a third-party inspection. Once the sale is finalized, it is the buyer’s responsibility to retrieve the item, regardless of its location.
A recent online auction offered a number of used transportation vans, but online auctions aren’t limited to vehicles. Medical, computer, and office equipment are auctioned online throughout the year.

Visit the State Surplus Property Program’s website to learn more.

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