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Flag waving at veteran's day parade

Flag waving at veteran’s day parade

The State Surplus Property Office (SSPO) primarily works to transfer unneeded Executive branch-owned property to agencies, municipalities, or eligible nonprofits which may better benefit from the items. Another function of the SSPO is to administer the Federal Surplus Property Donation Program, which allows the SSPO to claim available Federal Surplus Property on behalf of Massachusetts state and local governments.

As of October, veteran-owned small businesses in Massachusetts have been added to the Federal Surplus Property Donation Program, and now may request and acquire Federal Surplus Property through the SSPO. Items in the Federal Surplus Property Program come from federal agencies, and although there is a fee for organizations acquiring property, items are acquired for a significantly reduced rate compared to the open market.

Acquiring Federal Surplus as a Veteran-Owned Small Business

  1. Verify your veteran-owned small business status through the online US Department of Veterans Affairs VetsFirst Verification Program.
  2. Contact the SSPO to complete the Massachusetts Federal Surplus Program application.

Once approved, business owners must work with the SSPO to obtain items of interest from the Federal Surplus Property list.

Eligible entities interested in learning more about acquiring State or Federal Surplus Property should contact the SSPO at

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