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The Operational Services Division’s partnership with Procurated began in May 2020 with the launch of a pilot program that included two highly used Statewide Contracts (SWCs) – Office Supplies and Facilities, Maintenance, and Repairs (MRO). Due to the success of the pilot, the Massachusetts Procurated program has expanded over time and, currently, 62 OSD SWCs are available for reviews by Massachusetts COMMBUYS buyers.

How it Works

Through its platform, Procurated collects and shares verified reviews from procurement officials in state and local government, education, and non-profit organizations located across the U.S.

Buyers rate vendors on the following criteria: overall score, from 1 to 5 stars; customer service; pricing and value; quality; and timeliness. Buyers also may add freeform text to describe overall the experience with a vendor/supplier, give specific explanations using facts and real- life examples, or clarify information.

Benefits for Buyers

Procurated allows purchasers to leverage the experiences of their peers to make more informed buying decisions that save both time and money while increasing the quality of their suppliers.

Other features of the platform include a comprehensive vendor search directory and secure, in-app messaging with other review writers.

Completing a vendor review in the Procurated platform takes 1-2 minutes. We encourage buyers to provide accurate and candid feedback. Be assured that reviews are shared with Procurated’s members/subscribers, not with SWC Vendors. Buyers may submit reviews anonymously.

OSD uses the data generated from these reviews to better understand buyer satisfaction, to identify opportunities to improve contract performance, and to inform Sourcing strategy.

Contact Procurated at for buyer questions.

Benefits for SWC Vendors

Participation in the Procurated Program is limited to vendors currently awarded an OSD SWC.

  • Buyer reviews are collected from across the U.S. and consolidated into the Procurated platform, providing broader exposure for vendors that goes beyond Massachusetts.
  • Vendors may participate in Procurated by claiming their page free of charge.
  • Vendors use Procurated to gain strategic insights about their customers, competitors, and their own company’s performance.

Procurated provides vendor education and outreach enabling vendors to use the platform to manage performance. All SWC Vendors are invited to attend a Procurated Vendor Training webinar that will provide an overview of the program and how Procurated may help connect you to new government buyers, describe how to claim and update your free business page, and reveal top tips for winning government business. Click on the links below to register for the session that works best with your schedule:


Procurated Infographic

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