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workingoutIt’s January.  And I can tell…not from the wintry weather or the after-Christmas sales…but from the number of prospective members I see getting tours of the gym while I’m trying to fit in my (less frequent than I’d like) workout.

January 1st marks the start of the new year.  A second chance!  An opportunity to be or do something better than you were just a couple of weeks ago.  I bet most of us have made that New Year’s resolution.  And I bet that most of us have had challenges keeping it.  Maybe 2017 will be a different story.  While I’m sure you’ve heard some of these tips before, they are tried and true.  Here’s a quick list of tips to help that resolution stick:

  1. Think about your resolutions. Take a moment to think about the resolutions that you made. How many did you make? How big are they? Make sure you don’t have too many goals, or ones that are too ambitious.  By working on just a few at a time, and making changes in small steps, it will be easier to ease your way into new habits!
  2. Don’t expect perfection. No one is perfect!  You may not keep up the changes and feel great about them every single day. That’s okay. Think about your resolutions, and decide what success means for you. Choose a goal that will be a challenge, but also be doable.  (If you surpass that goal, that’s fantastic!)
  3. Be specific. Make sure that your resolutions are clear in what you expect yourself to do and when you expect yourself to do it. This will help the resolutions become part of your daily routine.  For example, don’t just write, “I’m going to be more physically active.”  Instead, write down “I’m going to go for a brisk 20- minute walk on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.”
  4. Hold yourself accountable.  Telling someone you trust about your goals and successes can help you make progress.  Or you may find that writing successes on a calendar will help you keep up with your resolutions.

Do you have any other tips that have helped you keep your New Year’s resolution in the past?  Please share!  I’d like to get to the gym a little more often myself.

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