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Seeing Clearly! – Your Child’s Vision Posted on Sep 13

Seeing Clearly! - Your Child's Vision

Nearly 25% of school-aged children have vision problems. 1 in 20 children aged 3-5 years old have vision problems that could result in permanent eye damage and vision loss if left untreated. How do you know if your child is seeing clearly? Here are things   …Continue Reading Seeing Clearly! – Your Child’s Vision

Memorable Milestones! Posted on Aug 30

Memorable Milestones!

Watching children learn and develop can be a wonderful thing and it is common for parents to wonder whether their child is developing as expected. Along with keeping up with regular doctor visits, there are several different ”milestones,” things that most children do by certain   …Continue Reading Memorable Milestones!

Getting on the Kale Kick! Posted on Aug 24

Getting on the Kale Kick!

Some food trends come and go (sun dried tomatoes, anyone?), but hopefully kale is here to stay!  The popularity of this leafy green has exploded over the last several years, and with good reason.  Low in calories and rich in vitamins C, A and K,   …Continue Reading Getting on the Kale Kick!

Massachusetts Breastfeeding Month! Posted on Aug 15

Massachusetts Breastfeeding Month!

National Breastfeeding Month is here, and Massachusetts is joining the celebration—   Governor Baker has proclaimed August 2016 Massachusetts Breastfeeding Month!  Promoting and supporting breastfeeding is a key priority for health care providers and the Department of Public Health.  Breastfeeding protects against infection, promotes a healthy   …Continue Reading Massachusetts Breastfeeding Month!

Make Your Child’s Shots Less Stressful Posted on Aug 15

Make Your Child’s Shots Less Stressful

Vaccines give parents the safe, proven power to protect their children from serious diseases. Parents can provide the best protection by following the recommended immunization schedule – giving their child the vaccines they need, when they need them. Vaccines help protect babies and young children   …Continue Reading Make Your Child’s Shots Less Stressful

Your Pregnancy: Protecting Baby Starts Now Posted on Aug 8

Your Pregnancy: Protecting Baby Starts Now

Vaccines are an important component of a healthy pregnancy. Women should be up to date on their vaccines before becoming pregnant, and should receive vaccines against both the flu and whooping cough (pertussis) during pregnancy. These vaccines not only protect the mother by preventing illnesses   …Continue Reading Your Pregnancy: Protecting Baby Starts Now

Making Your Summer POP! Posted on Jul 19

Making Your Summer POP!

Few things are better than an ice-cold popsicle on a hot summer day!  I have vivid memories from my childhood running around through the sprinkler and various neighbors’ yards enjoying the summer sun.  At that age, having a messy red ring around your mouth from   …Continue Reading Making Your Summer POP!

Going Red, White & Blue(Berry!) Posted on Jul 1

Going Red, White & Blue(Berry!)

It’s hard to believe that it’s this time of year already!  With the July 4th festivities just around the corner, I’m really getting in the mood for the patriotic holiday.  I started thinking of ways to have a little more fun at my cookouts this   …Continue Reading Going Red, White & Blue(Berry!)

Summertime…and Meals Are Served! Posted on Jun 7

Summertime…and Meals Are Served!

By Jenna Stefin For many kids, summer is the best time of the year. School and homework become a long lost memory as winter coats are traded for flip-flops and bathing suits. As the days get longer, there seems to be endless free time to   …Continue Reading Summertime…and Meals Are Served!

Preparing and Packing for Your Next Picnic! Posted on May 26

Preparing and Packing for Your Next Picnic!

  It’s finally that time of year where you can bring your family outdoors to enjoy the warm and sunny weather! Having a picnic with your family and friends is a great way to enjoy a meal, try new foods, and be outdoors.  Plus, packing   …Continue Reading Preparing and Packing for Your Next Picnic!