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On the Trail of Infectious Disease Posted on Jun 21

Chapter six of "The Health of Massachusetts" explores the work of the Department’s Bureau of Infectious Disease Prevention, Response and Services. The bureau is responsible for preventing, observing, and controlling more than 90 infectious diseases and conditions across the state including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Lyme disease,   …Continue Reading On the Trail of Infectious Disease

Massachusetts: Born and Raised Posted on Jun 3

Chapter five of the “Health of Massachusetts” looks at the health and well-being of the mothers, infants, and children of the Commonwealth. Specifically, we present information on the changing demographics of those being born in Massachusetts, statewide maternal and infant health characteristics, and the use   …Continue Reading Massachusetts: Born and Raised

Providing Safe and Quality Care For Our Residents Posted on May 27

Chapter four of the Health of Massachusetts gives an overview of the data held by MDPH’s Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality. The Bureau focuses on patient safety and health care quality while working towards the goals of improving health and reducing growing health care   …Continue Reading Providing Safe and Quality Care For Our Residents

Universal Health Care: A Status Update Posted on May 20

Chapter three of the “Health of Massachusetts” looks at the impact of universal health care across the Commonwealth. The aim of health care reform is to improve the health of our residents by providing wider access to health care and preventative services, and by controlling   …Continue Reading Universal Health Care: A Status Update

Our Communities, Our Health Posted on May 5

Chapter two of the "Health of Massachusetts" takes a closer look at the various factors in our communities that influence how healthy we are. These factors are sometimes called "community assets", and they can range from the number of doctors in your area, to whether or not   …Continue Reading Our Communities, Our Health

Massachusetts: A Self-Portrait Posted on Apr 28

This is the first of a series of posts which will explore the wide variety of information in the recently-released DPH report "Health of Massachusetts." The first chapter explores who we are as residents of Massachusetts – how many are we, what do we do   …Continue Reading Massachusetts: A Self-Portrait

Introducing the “Health of Massachusetts” Posted on Apr 22

Last week, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health released the comprehensive "Health of Massachusetts". This new report represents a major leap forward in our ability to provide useful data on the health of Massachusetts residents, in an easy-to-understand and accessible format. For the first time,   …Continue Reading Introducing the “Health of Massachusetts”