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In partnership with the CDC, DPH is looking at the impact of certain environmental chemicals – such as lead and mercury – on Massachusetts residents. This technique, known as biomonitoring, measures environmental chemicals in the human body. Through a state-wide study, DPH is trying to determine what levels of exposure currently exist and what may be contributing to them. shutterstock_168628790

To provide a convenient location for Worcester-area residents enrolled in the study, DPH recently hosted a sample collection day at the Worcester Senior Center. The vibrant and welcoming environment of the Center provided a wonderful chance to engage with patrons and share information about the study. Additional information about the Biomonitoring Massachusetts Study can be found at:

For additional information about the study contact Dr. Marc A. Nascarella, PhD, Principal Investigator of the Biomonitoring Massachusetts Study at 617-624-5757 or

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Director of the MDPH Environmental Toxicology Program

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