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Massachusetts Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) is a program that brings together environmental health data to inform residents about health and the environment in their community and throughout the state. Our program, now 16 years old, has a wealth of environmental health information available and is constantly growing.

Wondering how you can stay informed about it all? Check out our Newsletter, MassTrack. We released the first issue in January 2018; the second issue focuses on asthma and air quality and introduces the interactive map layers found on EPHT.

MassTrack is designed to showcase key environmental health topics and keep our visitors and data users updated on what EPHT has to offer.

Each issue of this quarterly publication includes:

  • A “Featured Topics” section showcasing important environmental health subjects with:
    • “Data Highlights” to emphasize noteworthy statistics
    • Tips for keeping you and your family protected from environmental exposures
    • Handy links to view the data plus additional resources
  • A “MA EPHT Tools and Tips” section that includes helpful info on how to get the most out of our website and data tools.

Sign up here to receive your own copy each quarter. The next issue will feature information to help you be summer-ready!

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EPHT Program Manager and Epidemiologist in the Bureau of Environmental Health

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