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Hula Hooping – Playing for Exercise Posted on May 7

Hula Hooping – Playing for Exercise

Posted by Samantha Noderer Samantha is a Health Communication Intern at the MA Department of Public Health     When’s the last time you hula hooped? I never learned how as a kid. But one day last year – in a very manic moment –   …Continue Reading Hula Hooping – Playing for Exercise

Gooooo, team! Posted on May 3

Gooooo, team!

 Posted by Alison T. Brill, MPH, Community Suicide Prevention Coordinator at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Growing up, I was always running around. Sitting still was never my forte (and it still isn’t). I found a productive way to channel my energy into sports, playing basketball, softball   …Continue Reading Gooooo, team!