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Taking the Longfellow Way Posted on Oct 8

Taking the Longfellow Way

As I go to check off the box, marked “Other,” to register my car-less commute for Walk/Ride Day, I look wistfully at the options listed there. Walking? Not a bad idea, but that might take too long. Rollerblading—sigh, won’t that impress friends and colleagues? Canoeing,   …Continue Reading Taking the Longfellow Way

The Greenway Posted on Sep 18

The Greenway

With apologies to Kermit the Frog, it is easy being green — or easier than it used to be, anyway. And a great way to be green in the Boston area is to take a ride, run, or stroll on the Neponset River Greenway Corridor. I’m   …Continue Reading The Greenway

A Runner’s Thoughts Posted on Aug 16

A Runner's Thoughts

    Posted by Brianne Beagan, an Epidemiologist for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health   I have been a runner for a few years now – but that wasn’t always the case.   I started out by jogging around my neighborhood –the more I jogged,   …Continue Reading A Runner’s Thoughts