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Happy National Nutrition Month! Posted on Feb 28

Happy National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month kicks off on March 1st with the theme, “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.” This theme recognizes that there are many influences that play a role in what we eat every day. While social, emotional, and health factors play a part in   …Continue Reading Happy National Nutrition Month!

Fighting Cabin Fever! Posted on Feb 19

Fighting Cabin Fever!

  About this time of year, snow has stopped being charming.  You and the kids just want to get outside and walk somewhere without bundling up and trudging through slush.  As creativity for indoor activities and winter meals runs low, TV and take out begin   …Continue Reading Fighting Cabin Fever!

A Healthy, Happy Valentine’s Day! Posted on Feb 10

A Healthy, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Six weeks ago, one of your New Year’s resolutions may have been to encourage your family to eat healthier foods.  But now Valentine’s Day, with all the sweets that go with it, will soon be here.  While it’s tempting to load up on heart-shaped candy,   …Continue Reading A Healthy, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Score Big with this Superbowl Healthy Recipe! Posted on Jan 28

Score Big with this Superbowl Healthy Recipe!

Super Bowl Sunday is not all about the game—it’s about the tasty food too! Kick off Super Bowl XLVII with some fun, festive, and nutritious foods to keep you focused. They say that defense wins games, so why not plan a successful defense against the   …Continue Reading Score Big with this Superbowl Healthy Recipe!

You Can Prevent Birth Defects! Posted on Jan 7

You Can Prevent Birth Defects!

Did you know that many birth defects are preventable?  Every January, the National Birth Defects Prevention Network makes that message loud and clear by promoting January as Birth Defects Prevention Month.  It’s important information to know, since birth defects are:  ·         Common: 1 in every   …Continue Reading You Can Prevent Birth Defects!

Unusual Winter Vegetables? Give Them a Try! Posted on Dec 23

Unusual Winter Vegetables? Give Them a Try!

Are you looking for vegetables in season during the winter? Kale, potatoes, and winter squash are often the first winter vegetables that come to mind, but many people forget about the other choices that are available during the cooler months. Parsnips, Brussels sprouts, fennel, leeks   …Continue Reading Unusual Winter Vegetables? Give Them a Try!

Wintertime Entertainment Posted on Dec 10

Wintertime Entertainment

While the winter season may bring cold and frosty weather, there is no reason to stay indoors until the spring. Truthfully, winter is a great time to enjoy outdoor fun.  The snow does more than just make everything sparkle… it creates many options for activities   …Continue Reading Wintertime Entertainment

Holiday Shopping Tips! Posted on Dec 2

Holiday Shopping Tips!

The holidays are approaching and like many of us, you may be getting ready to hit the grocery store for the various ingredients you will need to create your special holiday meal.  With the aisles crowded with shopping carts, this can be a bit overwhelming   …Continue Reading Holiday Shopping Tips!

Keep your child safe! Stay up-to-date! Posted on Oct 7

Keep your child safe! Stay up-to-date!

Disease prevention is a huge part of public health, and it is always better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Immunizations can protect both the people who receive them and those with whom they come in contact. Over the years, vaccines have prevented   …Continue Reading Keep your child safe! Stay up-to-date!

Get Involved-Get Kids Active! Posted on Sep 17

Get Involved-Get Kids Active!

In this age of technology you might find your kids watching TV, playing video games, online, or constantly texting. What ever happened to running outside and playing sports? If this is a memory of your childhood but not your child’s, it’s time to get active   …Continue Reading Get Involved-Get Kids Active!