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Due to widespread flooding in Massachusetts in March, state and federal tax filing deadlines were extended to Tuesday, May 11.

For those who have not filed their taxes — and it looks like tens of thousands of taxpayers have taken advantage of the extension and have yet to file — this also the last chance to see if you or any of your older relatives have taken advantage of the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.

Tapayers 65 and older, both homeowners and renters, may be eligible for this credit, which could deliver almost $1,000 in tax relief for tax year 2009. Equally important, those who file by the May 11 deadline are also eligible to seek the credit for the three previous tax years if they have not previously done so.

If you are such a taxpayer, or know someone who might be eligible, please pass on the word about the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit.

So far this tax season, 65,990 taxpayers have filed for the credit, an increase of 6,094 or 12 percent from a year ago. The average credit is $754, up from $729 a year ago, and the amount of credit paid to these taxpayers totals $49,782,100, up 16 percent or $6,686,650 from a year ago. 

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