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As of Friday, March 2, the Commonwealth has refunded $509.6 million to 1.07 million taxpayers.

Refunds are up $38 million from the same period a year ago, with the average refund $477, a dollar higher than a year ago.

With little more than six weeks to go before the April 17th filing deadline, 1.3 million taxpayers have filed, up 112,204 or 9 percent from a year ago. The number receiving refunds is up 78,479 or eight percent from a year ago.

The number of taxpayers who will eventually file a tax return will be about 3.4 million.

Eighty-two percent of taxpayers filing have received refunds, almost identical to a year ago at this time.

Turn around time for refunds has held steady — an average of 4.7 business days for paper returns and 3 days for electronically filed returns.

Usage of the Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit is up 21 percent, from 21,714 taxpayers to 26,344 so far this year, with the average credit returned $781, up $10 from a year ago. To date, $20.6 million has been paid to senior taxpayers, $3.8 million more or 23 percent more than a year ago.


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