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New Online Tax System Will Launch for Businesses on November 30

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) will roll out the second phase of its new tax revenue system, MassTaxConnect, to business taxpayers just after Thanksgiving. The first phase was launched last November to a small group of taxpayers. MassTaxConnect will replace WebFile for Business as the new web portal for businesses to file and pay taxes.  Individual income taxpayers will be included by the end of 2017.

  • MassTaxConnect, DOR’s new tax portal, opens for business taxpayers on November 30
  • WebFile for Business will shut down as of November 21 to complete the transfer of tax information to MassTaxConnect during Thanksgiving week
  • Individual income taxpayers will be included by the end of 2017

“This important leap forward is not just about better, faster, more reliable technology,” said Commissioner Mark Nunnelly. “It’s about providing taxpayers with secure, easily navigable, self-directed access to their tax information whenever they need it.”

Although WebFile for Business has earned high marks since its introduction 14 years ago, it is just one of the many add-on components of a decentralized legacy system that has been modified for more than 30 years.

MassTaxConnect will continue to offer what business taxpayers value most about WebFile for Business, while adding a number of features such as the inclusion of all tax types, electronic delegation for third party access and secure e-messaging. Taxpayers will use their current WebFile for Business login information to access MassTaxConnect, where all account information and delegation of authority will be available on November 30.

Transformation of DOR’s internal systems will be the most significant change as the agency moves from green screen technology on multiple systems to an integrated system with single-screen access to taxpayer information.  Improved automation will be a major benefit of MassTaxConnect and is anticipated to result in quicker response times and improved customer service.

Developed by FAST Enterprises, the new, integrated system will be driven by well-tested, proven software that has been successfully implemented in 30 tax jurisdictions.

“Change is always a challenge and no transition is perfectly seamless,” said Pete Donnelly, a senior DOR official with 30 years of tax agency experience, who has been through launches utilizing the same type of software in two other states. “But, with this product you get very close to seamless.  We found that most taxpayers and practitioners were up to speed and navigating the system after their first visit.”

Communications to business taxpayers, tax practitioners and vendors about the system upgrade were initiated in June and will continue up to the launch date on November 30.  Customer service representatives are available to answer questions at (617) 887-6367.

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