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The Department of Revenue recently sent out notices to the business community entitled “NOTICE OF ACCOUNT ID” providing important information regarding the new Account IDs for use when filing and paying taxes with MassTaxConnect.

In the notice, we said that you must use the ID to file and pay business taxes.  But to be clear, this is not the case, you may still use your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security number to file.

The new Account ID is a way to enhance security as a taxpayer but it is not the only way to sign in to your account
With the launch of MassTaxConnect  we issued new Account IDs to help protect business taxpayers from fraudulent use of their FEIN or Social Security number.  DOR recommends using the Account ID for filing and paying taxes online as an additional security measure, but using a FEIN or Social Security number continues to be an option. The choice is yours. You are not required to use the new Account ID.

We apologize for any confusion this notice may have caused. Visit the MassTaxConnect page on our website for information, or please call customer service at 617-887-6367 with any questions.

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