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Last week we held a conference call for business taxpayers and individuals who have historically used the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s (“DOR”) bulk filing system for filing taxes. Specifically, DOR experts spoke about MassTaxConnect, DOR’s state-of-the-art tax system that will replace WebFile for Business for nearly all business taxes on November 30, 2015.

On last week’s conference call, we covered a number of important points, and call participants asked a number of important questions that we wanted to share with you.


What are the biggest changes that MassTaxConnect will bring for the bulk filing of returns?

The most notable enhancement is that payroll providers will have the ability to bulk file pension withholding returns as well as amended returns. Both of these functionalities do not exist under the current system, and are enhancements that we’ve built into MassTaxConnect in direct response to payroll service providers’ request for them.

What types of electronic payments are accepted?

As with WebFile for Business, electronic payments can be made by ACH Debit, or ACH Credit.  ACH credit layouts may be printed from MTC.

How can third party access be granted?

The process to request and approve third party access can be completed electronically without the need for a paper signature. Clients can also directly give third-parties access through MassTaxConnect. Done electronically, third-party access is fast, safe, and secure. Still, there is the option for clients that prefer paper.

I have third party access to multiple accounts in WebFile for Business. Will those delegation authorities be carried over to MassTaxConnect?

Yes, all delegation authorities will be migrated onto the new system. Third parties will not have to manually request access to clients’ accounts.

What about registration and enrollment? Do I have to create new username and password?

There is no need to create new credentials with MassTaxConnect. With the integration between WebFile for Business and MassTaxConnect, you will be able to sign into your MassTaxConnect account with your WebFile for Business username and password.

Can I continue to use WFB now?

Yes! Web File for Business will be available for all its current uses until midnight on November 20. At that point, users will see an interruption in service until November 30 when MassTaxConnect is launched.

I have to report new hires during the transition period that WebFile for Business will not be available and when MassTaxConnect will be available, November 20 through November 30. What should I do?

You should report this on MassTaxConnect starting on November 30. Please keep in mind that you have twenty days to report a new hire.

I have customers with depository payments due the week of November 20, if the system will   not be available when do I make the payment?

We suggest that the payment is made early and make the settlement date the due date. The payment will be timely regardless of when we receive the money.

What’s to come?

The Department is currently updating the technical specifications on bulk filing for MassTaxConnect. Once these have been completed, they will be posted on the Departments website and shared via this email list.

We are continually providing updated information about MassTaxConnect on our website. ahead of our launch date November 30th

If you have any specific questions or comments about the upcoming transition to MassTaxConnect that are not answered on our website, please email


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