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On November 30th, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) will release MassTaxConnect, the next generation tax system, to business and corporate taxpayers. The new filing system will replace WebFile for Business.

In anticipation of the launch, DOR invited tax practitioners to preview MassTaxConnect and weigh in on what they saw, what they liked or didn’t like and what they would tell their colleagues, if asked. Here’s what they had to say.

Edward McNeil, who has been a CPA with CohnReznick LLP since 1997 said, “I thought the previous system was better than the majority of the states and now I feel Massachusetts is leading the industry.”

Speaking to the system’s efficiencies, McNeil said, “The ability to get answers faster is how businesses are geared now. In the long run, this new system will help us. Being able to trace payments and check notices faster is very important.”

Jeffrey Kristoff of Greenberg, Rosenblatt, Kull & Bitsoli, PC was impressed with the system’s track record in other jurisdictions.

“For multi-state taxpayers, a uniform platform should reduce errors and make routine responsibilities, such as filing sales and use tax returns or making payments, more efficient,” he said.

Kristoff noted the system’s promise to spur productivity and save time via streamlining was also a plus. “Electronic notification of notices— along with the ability to reply through MassTaxConnect—should decrease the time between steps and help us provide a quicker resolution for our clients,” he said.

Cathy Dana of Samet & Company, PC echoed the gut reactions of both McNeil and Kristoff. “I’m looking forward to using MassTaxConnect and hope it will exceed my expectations,” Dana said. “It should be easier to amend tax returns. A big plus is having correspondence in one place with a quick turnaround to emails.”

The speed and ease of the new system were two positives she took away. “I look forward to no more waiting on the phone to talk to a ‘real’ person during business hours,” she said. “Enhancements like accessing payment history to be able to tell if or when a client paid estimates, and the ability to view and print previously filed returns when we get a new client and need the prior year’s return are pluses.”

Sara Crozier of WithumSmith and Brown, PC has been a CPA for five and a half years. “My initial reaction to MassTaxConnect was how crisp and clean it looked,” she said. “It also looked like it would be easy for someone who had no real knowledge of technology to follow and would make the lives of business owners who can be very busy much easier by having access to all their state filings in one place.”

For more information go to MassTaxConnect

For a sneak preview go to MassTaxConnect Demo

The quotes from this blog were originally published in an interview published in sumnews by the Massachusetts Society of CPAs.

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